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Venue: Everwood Country Weddings

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This is a short note to thank you for your outstanding photography and video work for our wedding.

As you can imagine, your wedding day is such an important event, but can be very nerve racking and stressful at the same time... As much as we tried to savour the day, things went by in a flurry of excitement and was at times even a bit of a blur. But thanks to the insightful way in which you were able to capture every single detail of our wedding and reception, we are now left with powerful and moving images that tell our story in the most beautiful and poignant way ever, and for that we are eternally grateful.

It is truly a delight to sit back and view these pictures and video (in stunning quality I might add) and to be able to share this with our family and friends who were unfortunately not able to be there with us on the day.

Moreover, you were able to put us, and our guests at ease while still maintaining a professional approach. We are absolutely thrilled that we chose you for this important task and we would happily recommend your work to all couples who are looking for photography consultants that are highly skilled and well versed in this art.

Thank you again, and the best of luck for all your future weddings- I'm sure that your clients will be as elated as we were when we first saw our wedding for the first time through your lens.

Harshna and Bobby Mandal